There's more to Botswana than the magnificent Okavango Delta and its diversity of habitats, but still, the Delta is unlike anything else you'll have ever seen or experienced. With us, you'll have the opportunity to gaze at if from numerous vantage points...from the air, water and land.

This legendary inland waterway, the Okavango Delta, slices sinuously through a large part of Botswana, creating an area of unimaginable natural splendour. Millions of litres of water reach miraculously into this part of the Kalahari Desert, infinitely enriching an environment that supports an incredible diversity of mammal, fish and bird life.

To fly over the Delta in a light aircraft is scenically arresting and awe-inspiring for the tracking and viewing of game. It is also, in certain cases, the only way to reach the more remote camps! Some camps are water based, others offer both wet and dry game viewing. Meander slowly through the watery courses in traditional canoe or Mokoro, or travel over land in an open safari vehicle.

Botswana may be best known for its Delta, but the country also boasts two of Africa's finest game reserves: Moremi, renowned for its huge herds of elephant, buffalo, giraffe and antelope; and Chobe, further north, thought to have the highest concentration of elephants in the world. For a thrilling end to a memorable day, take a sunset cruise at Chobe, and watch hundreds of dusty elephants ponderously cavorting with each other at the river's edge as they quench their thirst.  



The dry winter season (May to October) is ideal for wildlife viewing. Peak season in Botswana is between   July and October with the wet season being from November to April.